Friday, July 19, 2013

Rich Froning "First"

I just finished Rich Froning's new book "First"

It was an awesome read! If you are not familiar with who Rich Froning is, he is the two time CrossFit champion and named to be the fittest man on earth. He won the CrossFit Games the past two years (2011 & 2012). He is not only an amazing athlete but he is a christian and has decided to share about who he is and how CrossFit has impacted his life not only physically but spiritually. I think it's amazing how he wants to use this peak of his life to glory God in any way possible. It is a constant prayer of mine as well, which is why I respect him as an athlete. I truly enjoyed this read as it was easy to relate to a lot of the things he talked about both as a CrossFitter and as a christian. I highly recommend this book- especially to CrossFitters! You will get pumped to read what was going through his head during the games and what kept him moving. You'll also find encouragement in his words about his faith in Christ and how that has shaped him to become a better man and athlete. 

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