Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 37

Today was a fairly productive day. I woke up and got some laundry/chores done around my room. A friend is coming to stay with us this weekend so I'm trying to get all of my stuff done prior to her arrival on Thursday. Crossfit was a bit challenging today too. We did "Isabelle" which is 30 snatches for time. I started with 85 pounds on my bar (RX was 95) and I got half way through and had to shed the weight down to 75 pounds to finish. I do not remember Isabelle being that difficult but today it was. I definitely need to work on my snatches. I have a hard time always using my hips when I lift and if I learn to be efficiently using my hips I'll be able to get through it a heck of a lot faster. But hey.. that only leaves room for improvement right? :)

Breakfast: Eggs and Turkey Bacon
Lunch: Bacon Apple stuffed Pork chip with Kale and sweet potato mash
Dinner: Prime Rib with Kale and zucchini and onion smothered in red sauce. Good stuff! 

Heaviest weight to complete 3-position snatch complex:
1 snatch from power position, 1 snatch from hang position and 1 snatch from ground)- Max weight for me was 85 pounds. Snatching from the hang is awkward and a little difficult. Something to definitely work on. 

3 Rounds:
Row 500m + 30 Sit Ups   TOTAL TIME: 15: 45 min

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