Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Changes At Half Time

Last night we had our first team meeting with one of the consultants for the Paleo challenge. We are just at our halfway point so we went over what our strengths and weaknesses have been through this challenge. I have been having a lot of people tell me that I am really leaning out and look a lot skinner so I have to be doing things right. There are always changes though to make to be more effective though. Personally for me, the food has been easy because I have really enjoyed cooking and creating new dishes. I have not cheated or eaten anything un-paleo at all. Nor do I desire to. The food is just so good!! Even the treats have been paleo. However, I do think I have been having too many paleo treats lately. Even though they are paleo I need to remind myself that I am trying to SHRED not maintain. The treats are fine to have every once in a while but I need to just focus on the solid protein and veggies and water. That being said, as a group we decided that we will only allow ourselves to have 1 PALEO indulgence a week from now until the challenge is over. So I have 3 life lines here and will have to use them wisely! We also decided that we need to incorporate more cardio into our training. We have committed to 3 solid days of cardio work (outside of our WODs). One of the main concerns for me personally was not the food but the portion sizes of the food. I have just been focusing on changing the way I cook/eat and not focusing so much on how much I'm eating. I am going to check with a nutritionist and/or coach who would know better than I would and see what they suggest.

Changes for the remainder of the challenge:
-Limit Fruit as much as possible 
-Smaller portions
-3 Solid cardio days/week
-Limit to 1 Paleo sweet/indulgent per week

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