Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 35-30

Wrapping up the past week since I haven't blogged since last Tuesday, I ate clean all week but I had company in town so I wasn't as good at writing down what I ate. I did of course take pictures so I have photos of some of my meals. I did not cheat at all. Still going strong with the paleo!! Half way through this challenge!
I did however have more fruit than normal and made a couple paleo treats. I made lemon almond meal muffins and paleo brownies. I also had a paleo chocolate dipped banana wrapped in bacon and almond butter made by a friend (it was amazing!). 

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and I had some friends over for the game and food. I decided to make everything paleo and tried to stick as close to game day style as possible. 

The menu consisted of:

-Buffalo Chicken Wings (I made the sauce homemade- It was yummy)
-Grilled Chicken Bites
-Sweet Potato Fries
-Plantains (amazing)
-Bacon Wrapped Dates (amazing)
-Veggie Tray
-Brownies (amazing)
-Frozen Banana with chocolate, almond butter and bacon (amazing)
**Can you tell I really liked the menu?** ;) 

Sadly I forgot to take pictures of all of this :( I don't know what I was thinking!! Sorry there are no previews... but take my word for it when I say the food was very good... and all CLEAN/PALEO! :}


4 Rounds: 
400m Run with a 25 pound plate
10 Burpees 

Breakfast: Brownie w/Almond Butter... :/ (Ah- I couldn't' resist!) 
Lunch: Buffalo chicken, Sweet Potato fries and Grilled Chicken bites
Dinner: Same as lunch but with cucumbers and a clementine
Coffee: 2 Cups
Tea: 2 Cups 

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