Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 28

I've been doing morning workouts a lot this week since I have school Wednesday and Thursday nights now. I have to say that I really have been enjoying it. It is a great way to start my day and it has been giving me a little extra time at home to get homework, cooking and house chores done. My schedule is only going to get more complicated as I start mentoring in a first grade class next week for school before I go into work. My main concern here is getting enough sleep. I am back to getting in bed around 9-9:30 pm trying to get that solid 8 hours of sleep in each night. I've learned it is so important if I want to stay healthy and continue doing the things that I love sleep needs to be priority. 
Yesterday's WOD was hard and I did not get through it all but I did finally did the pull ups without using a band!! It is exciting because I am definitely getting stronger as it has taken me a long time to do kipping pull ups! I am determined now to just stop using the band even if I cannot complete the workout in the given time. The only way I will get better is if I push myself so that is the plan... 

Meal 1: Chicken, Collard Greens
Snack: Small Cobb Salad
Meal 2: Eggs, Bacon and Sweet Potato Fries
Coffee: 3 Cups


Strength: 5x2 Back Squats (10 sec down) @ 165 pounds THEN: Supper-set of 3x3 Push Press @ 75 pounds with 3x5 Pistols per leg

Conditioning: 40 Pull Ups, 10 Split Jumps, 10 Pull Ups, 30 Split Jumps- Time was a little over 15 min. The pull ups killed... hence my ripped hand picture below...

POST WOD: 100 Bicycle Crunches 

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