Thursday, May 9, 2013

Keep that BA Mentality!

Its crazy how discouraged we get at times about things. I'd have to say I get discouraged quite a bit when it comes to getting fit/healthier/losing weight. I mean it's been an ongoing issue my entire life. I've always struggled with it and sometimes I feel like I will absolutely never reach my goals at all. In reality though I try to constantly remind myself that I'm 23 years old and have soaked in unhealthy and bad habits for at least 21 of those years and I cannot fix these habits overnight or over a few months. I started being more "health conscious  about 2-3 years ago when I started long distance running. Those were the days of canning the soda habit and trying to drink water instead. Also trying to eat more greens rather than grains etc.. you know, the basics. 

Though my choices were better they are no where near where I am today and that is what I need to think about when I get discouraged. Yes I may not have lost all of the weight I've wanted to but I'm a heck of a lot stronger, faster and healthier than I've been in my entire life. I have about 12 or so pounds or so of weight I would really like to lose and I believe I will get there in due time. I have really gotten more strict on my eating and training in the past four or so months so I can't wait to see where I am even just a year from now. I've transformed my eating and cooking habits to follow the paleo diet as closely as possible and I've loved the journey so far. The food is amazing and it is also fun to see other people notice the results and want to make the same habit changes. That makes it all the more worth it since there are so many people close to me who have the same problems I did/have. I always try to have the mentality of being an example to others. Maybe that is the teacher side in me but let's face it- you are what you eat and you are who you hang out with. That makes me think not about the people I'm hangin with as much as the person I am. Am I bettering the people around me? Am I encouraging them? I only hope so. 

When I get discouraged I also like to look to some pretty Bad A$$ chicks for motivation. When I look at healthy crossfit girls like this I remind myself that there is no way I could ever look like that eating crap. They may not be perfect and they still may have cheat days and all but overall those are healthy people! People I look to for encouragement and motivation. 

Far fetched maybe but where is the challenge when aiming for the attainable? 

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