Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 5

Yesterday was a hard day. I got a message from my big sister that our dog Butters passed away. I adopted Butters about 9 years ago from a family who couldn't have him due to allergies. I wanted an Australian Shepard at the time, but God had other plans. Butters was my first dog and there were days he drove me absolutely crazy. He was so hyper and playful, but also so loving and sweet. He made everyone smile, everyone loved him and he loved me. I went through some really hard times and he was with me through it all. There were days I would come home crying and tears running down my face and Butters would jump up on the couch and like my face until I was laughing. Everyone who has animals bonds with them in a way no one can understand. Butters was always so forgiving and so loving toward me. Unfortunately, through working full time and going to college full time, it wasn't fair leaving him alone all day, so thankfully my big sister and brother in law took him in and cared for him.  He was the first dog I had and the first animal I've ever loved and lost. I'll forever remember him and cherish him. I'm thankful the lord brought him in my life.

Today I read The Parable of the Great Banquet found in Luke 14:15-24. Here Jesus tells a story of a man who invited people to feast at a banquet. I'm assuming these would be his close friends. Each of them created excuses and chose not to come. The man then ordered strangers, poor, needy and anyone else to come and feast. What I learned from this is that God invites us to feast with him. He invites us in, but sometimes in our selfishness, we create excuses for not participating with him. I know I am truly guilty of that these days especially. Having a relationship with God is a choice and one we need to make. We need to be mindful of the importance of coming and meeting him every day understanding that other things are the things that can wait. I pray that I would be less like those friends and more like the poor and needy- craving a feast with God.

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