Monday, June 12, 2017

Day 3

This morning I made it to Crossfit at 6am. The workout consisted of: 100 push ups, 75 kettle bell swings, 50 sit ups and 25 pull ups. I found myself in need of going back to the basics with working out. Spin has been great, and I love it, but doing the basic movements again are critical. I was actually surprised at how difficult it was, but all and all it was a great workout.

Tonight I was reading the Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast. This is a short parable and one that Jesus uses to try to help others understand what the kingdom of God is like. I remember a close friend of mine gave me a necklace that had a mustard seed in it and it referenced having faith like a mustard seed. A mustard seed is the smallest seed in the world and it produces the largest garden plant. I pray that I would have faith like that of a mustard seed. Learning to trust God with the small things especially and have faith to know he will make something great out of it.

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