Saturday, January 5, 2013

60 Day Paleo Challenge

60 Day Paleo Challenge Starts Today!

So I have committed to a 60 day team Paleo challenge with an affiliate cross-fit gym in Naples- Real Fitness.

There are 4 people per team and there are 22 teams competing over the next 60 days. We had our seminar today where we went over tips and brain stormed ideas and plans for accomplishing our personal goals as well as our goals as a team. They also weighed us and took our measurements  We have a personal team coach that will keep us accountable by emailing/texting us throughout the week and assigning extra credit workouts on top of our wod's each week. 

I've decided to blog through this experience each day- what I eat, what I did to workout and how I feel ect. I already cook Paleo now but I am not a strict eater of Paleo in any way. (eating out and parties are my downfall) I do however believe in it 100% and would like to transform my eating habits so that it becomes a natural way of eating for me. I grew up in an Italian home where heavy carb loading, cheese, little veggies and junk food were common. Soda was more encouraged than water. I must say that I've come a long way since then but still have a long way to go.I have a lot of re-training my mind and body before I get to my goal!

What I am hoping to obtain through this challenge is better habits.  I'm excited to learn more and take another step toward bettering my overall health/fitness level!


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