Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 60

Day 60 of the Paleo Challenge 
(I like to count down)

Day 1 of any sort of goal is always the easiest day. It's where you gather up all of your motivation for what you believe all you need to sustain you through this time period of your life. All the encouragement you need wrapped up in one day. Yesterday was very motivating as I got to converse with my team/coach my goals and plan. They say planning is the key to success. I agree. So that is going to be a major focal point for me. PLAN-PLAN-PLAN! 

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 3 turkey bacon
Lunch: Pork Loin, Sweet mashed potatoes and broccoli
Snack: 2 eggs, 2 turkey bacon
Dinner: Fajitas: Chicken/steak/peppers/guacamole with a side salad that had onions, avocado  strawberries and tomatoes. 
& 3 Cups of Coffee throughout the day. I love my caffeine!! 


WOD: (Workout Of the Day)
I got to work out with the REAL FITNESS crew after our meeting yesterday.

Warm up:
1000m Row followed by a series of stretches.

"BASELINE"- For Time.
- 500m Row
- 40 Air Squats
- 30 Abmat sit-ups
- 20 Push Ups
- 10 Pull- Ups
  TOTAL TIME: 5:46 min

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