Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 42

Today I took the day off Crossfit  My knee was hurting from the heavy squats when trying to PR this week. I've learned that once it starts bothering me I need to just give it a rest for a couple days or I will end up having to take off 1-2 weeks to rest.

However I did work out a bit. I had some friends over tonight to make them paleo pizza, paleo cauliflower bread sticks and paleo blueberry muffins. The girls came over a bit early and I had them do a quick travel WOD + abs right in our living room. We gotta work for that food! :) 

Breakfast: None
Lunch: Chicken salad with blueberries and raisins - no dressing
Dinner: Paleo pizza, cauliflower bread sticks and blueberry almond meal muffins
Coffee: 2 cups (Not b/c I needed it.. I just have a deep love for coffee... )

Warmed up with jumping jacks, toe touches, lunges, wind mills, arm circles etc.. 
Jumping jacks with friends is fun.. I highly recommend it ;) 

5 Rounds:
10 push ups
10 air squats
10 sit ups
30 second plank hold 3x's with 30 second break in between
30 second leg raises 3x's with 30 second break in between

I'm proud of my girls :) they gave their all and we laughed while we worked out which makes it all the more fun! 

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