Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are? by Mark Driscoll

I figured I would take a little break from the Paleo challenge posts and just post about my current read. 

I'm on chapter 7 of the book and I highly recommend reading it while listening to pastor Mark teach through Ephesians (which is what the book is based on). 
Here he takes us through the book of Ephesians and shows us how Paul continuously explains how our identity needs to be found in Christ and not through earthly pleasures or concerns. This is something I've personally been struggling with lately. I mean, it is not a new concept to me but a difficult one to grasp. I have been on this kick of "improving myself and life" for a while now. I have goals and I'm very determined to reach them (not a bad thing of course). I know full and well that the goals I have for my life will not happen unless I put strong effort in every single day. That has been my mind set for some months now whether its through work, school, crossfit, health, relationships etc. What I love about this series is it is really challenging me to stop focusing so much on these goals and just trust in God's plan. Now it doesn't mean give up and quit and wait for God to send me a genie in a bottle to make all my dreams come true, it just means give him full control over each part of my life and try to see and understand how he wants to use me through these situations. I do not believe that we have desires and passions for no reason. We just need to learn how to use those passions and desires to glorify God and do it so they can be fully accomplished in every way. If what we do does not point to God, it is pointless and has no eternal value. 

I may have just rambled for a moment here.. but in conclusion. Challenge yourself to look at all of the aspects of your life. Do you allow God to be a part of each aspect? Pray about how God can use you in each situation. Possibly look into reading this book and especially reading through Ephesians several times. Listen to the sermons if you are interested. They are great! For IPHONE users you can even download the MARS HILL app and get the sermons right on your phone. 

"To him be the glory and the power 
for ever and ever Amen" 

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