Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 21

Yesterday was an exhausting day to say the least! I am looking forward to taking a rest day from the gym as today is going to be another crazy day. I woke up at 5:00 am and was at the gym for Crossfit at 6:00 am. The WOD literally kicked my butt where I had to take a breather for about 10 minutes or so. Typically I have been doing post workouts to push myself a bit more but I literally had no energy whatsoever to work on anything. That being said, I decided to just take a shower and have some quality time with a friend. We went to breakfast and had a mini devotional session. Had to be the best part of my day! Heart to hearts are my favorite!! After that I went to work from 9-5 pm and then had class until 8:30 pm.. I literally went home, showered and crawled into bed! I was glad the day was over and my body was too as it was screaming "I need rest!" 

Breakfast: Egg/Veggie/Bacon/Ham omelet with Orange Juice, Fruit and Coffee. - Hearty  breakfast but I needed it! 

Lunch: Sample Platter :) - Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Buffalo Chicken Meatza, Pork/Veggies and Chia seed pudding for desert. 

Dinner: Same as lunch minus the pudding. 


Strength: 5 min EMOM- 2x 3 second pause at the bottom back squats @190 pounds
Then: 2x3 push press @ 65 pounds supersetted with 2x7 pistols 

Conditioning: 10 min EMOM 3x Squat Clean Thrusters @65 Pounds then Max Effort Burpees until the next minute. Score was 60 burpees.- FREAK-IN KILLER WORKOUT

Chia Seed Pudding- Looks weird but really good!
Here is the recipe:

Who knew Calestoga had such awesome omelets!!? 
 Packed this baby with protein and veggies! 

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