Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 22

Yesterday I went to the 6:00 am Crossfit class. I woke up and really wanted to just go back to bed. As I was driving to the gym I was debating on going home and sleeping but I didn't. I would majorly regret that. Although I was tired, I'm glad I went. Always glad I go!.... 

A friend and I decided to have a COOK-A-THON in the kitchen and whip up food for the next week. We first made spaghetti squash. We used the recipe from the Fast Paleo blog (under my pages). We also made buffalo chicken and sweet potato meatza from Lastly we made bacon wrapped chicken strips which I have made in the past and are always a good go-to. Pictures are below. Everything we made was awesome and packed with protein! Gotta love MEAT! 

Breakfast: Egg/Bacon/Veggie Quiche
Lunch: Pork and Veggies
Dinner: Squash Spaghetti and Buffalo Chicken/Sweet Potato Meatza!
Snack: Clementine 


Strength: 7 Min EMOM 1x3 Clean & Jerk Complex @75 pounds. 1 C/J from Power Position, 1 C/J from Hang Position and 1 C/J from Ground. 
Skill: Free Hand Stand Work 
Conditioning: 250m TT: 1:04 min- Then 6x250m Sprints with a 30 sec rest in between. 

GHD Sit Ups- 60 Total 

30 Front/30 back with a 10 pound weight
L-Sit work on the rings. 

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