Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slowly Switch-in It Up

The little switches I've made and personally learned to prefer:

- Coffee Creamer- I LOVE my coffee.. like LOVE! and I love my creamer! I will drink black if I have to but I like my coffee with creamer. I have never been a sugar in my coffee gal so that was not something I had to get off of. However I love half and half and that was a difficult thing to get away from. I first switched to almond milk and then to coconut milk. I can do either or and really have gotten so used to it that I don't even think about it. 

- Sweets- this is a big one. I'm a girl. I love sweets and at that craving moment feel like I need them or I will die! The best thing about paleo is that the food is so freaking good and the sweets also fall into that category! The handful of paleo deserts I have made have all been amazing and have not left me feeling icky or over indulged. (minus my recent coconut bread)..The ingredients are what make the difference here I think. I encourage you to look up some paleo deserts and read up on the ingredients and see how much healthier it all is. I get a lot of my recipes on PINTEREST. I'd take a paleo brownie or muffin over a sugar packed one any day! 

Blueberry Cobbler                                       Almond Meal Lemon Muffins

- Cheese! No Dairy on Paleo...Yup that means cheese too :( boo!! I will have to say, cheese is the one thing I really do miss at times. I've never been a big milk person and I really have never been a major cheese person but it is nice to throw some cheese in your eggs every once in a while and also on your pizza but in the end it's really not worth the extra calories when you are trying to lean out. Once I meet my goal I can start to have cheese again in moderation, however for now it is non existent and for my favor!

                                                     Cheese-less Bacon/Egg/Veggie Quiche 

- Pizza.. Oh pizza.. how I love you. I LOVE pizza. It has to be one of my favorite foods to eat. I could eat it for days and never be tired of it. The first time I made paleo pizza I used an organic crust and it was so good. However I was told to stay away from carbs as much as possible even though the crust was way healthier than normal crust. That being said, I have switched to a meat crust- ALL PROTEIN BABY! As foreign and weird as that sounds, I cannot tell you how amazingly easy and good it is! You may say that is not pizza and you may be right to an extent but you need to try it before you dismiss it because it will rock your world! 

                                                                   Meat Crust Pizza

- EATING OUT- One of the main things I have had to change was eating out. I'm a full time college student who also works full time and am always on the go. Fast food and restaurants may be easy and convenient but not beneficial. This was a big-gen for me. I had to completely step away from that life and step foot in my kitchen 1-2 times a day 4-5 times a week. In the past I always looked at this as a waist of time as my to-do list gets longer and longer. I never realized though how much enjoyment I get out of cooking and how relaxing it is. It is now a big hobby that I actually get excited to do! I look forward to creating in the kitchen each time I do it!

I have many switches to still make but I think these are little successes in and of themselves. People say it's a change of lifestyle for a reason. It is a lot less stressful when you don't have to think about choosing between the good and the bad since you already naturally go for the good!!

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