Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 26-24.. & The Food Hangover

This weekend I had one of the most relaxing and laid back weekends I have had in a while. It was much needed and much appreciated! I woke up Saturday morning in the hammock+book mood... however I replaced the hammock for a pool chair. I got to get some sun and have some good quality time this weekend with great friends. I also got a pedicure Sunday afternoon.. BONUS! I took both Saturday and Sunday off of working out to fully rest and recover. My legs were killin from all the squats this week. I needed some R&R time! 

I continued to eat clean this weekend however I did not cook as much this week and I have to say I can completely notice a MEGA difference! I grabbed salads at Pita Pit and Moes a couple times and also first watch one morning. On another note.. I would just like to announce that I have officially experienced my first FOOD HANGOVER... and may I say OUCH!! If you have never had this.. take my word for it that it sucks! Our team is allowing ourselves to have 1 sweet indulgent per week and this week I decided to make coconut bread. Even though it's paleo, I definitely had once piece too many and felt like crap almost immediately after as and that hangover has carried into today. All I have to say is LESSON LEARNED! As bad as I feel about having my first hang up through this challenge I have to be grateful. I am learning what my body likes and does not like. I know my body likes my cooking and I know my body doesn't like too much sweet.. not matter how healthy that sweet is. I will be a lot better at planning my own meals and eating my food this week.


Strength: 5x2 Eccentric Focus Front Squats (5sec down) @170 pounds. 
     THEN:: Supersetted 3x3 Over Head Squats with 3x5 Weighted pull ups. - I struggled with this set and just did what I could. 

Conditioning: 10 Min AMRAP: 5 Deadlifts @ 95 pounds (RX) , 5 Wall balls @ 16 pounds and 5 Burpees. TOTAL ROUNDS: 10+1

TABATA= 30 sec on 10 sec off for 4 minutes straight. I did 3 different TABATA work outs for a total of 12 minutes of abs. 
TABATA 1: Butterfly Sit Ups
TABATA 2: Leg Chops 
TABATA 3: Mason Twist 


First Watch on the Go Breakfast: Turkey Patty & Eggs

My weekend basically... Oh the Florida life!!!

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