Friday, April 12, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday 4/10-4/11

Breakfast-Cookies and Cream Protein Shake with 1/2 Banana/Strawberries in Water w/Vitamins
Lunch-Pork and Veggies & Bacon
Dinner-Omelet and Veggies

Breakfast- Veggie Omelet & Breakfast potatoes with a side of Bacon
Lunch- none
Dinner- Pizza Fusion Gluten Free Pepperoni/Bacon/Chicken/Spinach/Sun dried Tomato's - YUM!
Desert- Almond meal berry cobbler.

I stuck my almond meal in the freezer to keep me from making desert again. I can't seem to help it! ah!!

WED WOD- I was a sweaty mess!!
Strength: Back Squat- 265 pounds
Conditioning: 20 Min AMRAP- 10 KBS, 10 PULL UPS, 250m Run - TOTAL 6 Rounds
Then: 1 min Plank Holds x3

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