Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 1

Word of the Day: 

I decided to go through a parable a day in the book of Luke. Today it's The Parable of the Sower. Luke chapter 8 verses 1-15. Here Jesus references Isaiah 6:9: "..though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand." I've heard this parable many times before. Today God showed me that I needed to reflect and see which seed I am right now in this time of my life. Not what I was years ago, because things have changed. 

First seed: Those that hear, but the devil takes away the truth from their heart and thus there is disbelief.

Second seed: Those scattered on the rock who hear the word, experience joy, but have no root. Thus it's just moments of joy and their spirit is weak. 

Third seed: Those who fell among the thorns are consumed with the worries riches and pleasures of life. There is no spiritual growth. 

Fourth seed: Those who are scattered upon the good soil. The ones with good hearts, they hear the word of God, receive it, retain it and produce a crop. They allow the word of God to continuously change them and work in them. 

The seed I want to be is the fourth seed. I've been there before, but I fear that through the past few years, I've moved. I now find myself somewhere in between the fourth seed and the third seed. I guess this is a big wake up call to me. I've known my spiritual life is lacking and I've made excuses after excuses as stated in my initial post yesterday. I want to be the fourth seed again. My prayers are that through blogging, I find accountability with myself, and I develop a more spiritual strength so that I can confidently say that I feel in my heart I am the seed that fell on good soil. 

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